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Tesco Electricals Electricals Store offers amazing value on over 1800 top products, from dishwashers to DVD players. Free delivery. Free returns within 28 days Clubcard points on all purchases. An emergency delivery service on selected lines. Regular price checks to ensure Tesco customers the best value around!

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Tesco Electrical 1 out of 5 stars

Don't Use Them!

Reviewed by: E Flynn, Feb 12 2005 12:00AM

Very poor service indeed. I ordered a samsung flatscreen widescreen tv online at the end of December - delivery was 3-5 days according to the screen. After more than 10 days I contacted them to find out why the delivery details had not been updated onscreen as it detailed on the website. Their response: Nil. Eventually I received a phone call from their carrier - DFDS Transport of Harwich Essex - and a delivery date of 17th January was agreed. I took the day off as delivery was to be between 8am and 8pm. When the tv arrived at 2pm approximately, the delivery man distracted me by discussing my 3 piece suite. I signed for the samsung tv not noticing until he had left that it was in fact a Bush tv - not widescreen or flatscreen. I immediately telephoned him on his mobile but was told that there were NO samsung tv's on the lorry and that I would have to contact the depot. Suspiciously, there was no paperwork to indicate that the Bush tv was intended to be delivered to me. No address label or anything. I contacted Tesco Electricals - an expensive 0870 number and was left waiting in a queue. In the end, I emailed my complaint to them and stopped payment on my Visa card. Their carrier, the delightful DFDS contacted me this week to collect - again between 8am and 8pm. I emailed Tesco electricals to complain about the fact that I have to take another day off due to the incompentence of either themselves or their carrier, but received no response. Verdict: Use John Lewis - at least you can return goods to your nearest branch and not have to put up with being treated like sh**.
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